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Dirty Cheap Creative is a creative digital video production & broadcasting agency focusing on video production for online advertising, internal strategy communications, marketing insight and event marketing. We provide innovative broadcasting consultancy and creative interactive communications solutions to complete and support our clients' advertising campaigns. We have a team of talents to create 3D, stop motion, claymation, motion graphics animations and digital video compositing and production inhouse. Dirty Cheap Casting, our street casting agency is currently mining for new talent. The talent database is growing and is now available for our partners' use. We accept online applications. Dirty Cheap Firestaata is a viral traffic initiation service. We use media budgets to generate low cost, targeted clicks for our clients' online projects. Dirty Cheap Hosting is an exclusive hosting service. We share our server to give our clients fast, reliable media streaming services to match their high performance and bandwidth needs for rich media hosting and streaming. Our bandwidth is %100 on TTnet backbone, located at Grid Telekom Istanbul Datacenter and burstable up to +200 Mbps. We also work with advertising agencies to create better and more effective commercial films by integrating motion graphics and digital video, giving their creatives new and exciting desktop film idea openings. We provide creative solutions to make the best of low production budgets. We are currently working for advertising agencies such as Young & Rubicam, Ajans Ultra, Alice BBDO, Medina Turgul DDB, Rafineri and Ogilvy One.